logoWhat is Funtastic Depot Orlando?

Funtastic Depot Orlando is a 30,000 sqf new generation type Family Entertainment Center with a variety of attractions for all ages, including a 10,000 sqf Inflatable Concept Park featuring a Live Entertainer, Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, Climbing Wall, Playground, Toddler Zone, Karaoke

logoWhat is the main attraction at Funtastic Depot Orlando?

The main attraction is the 10,000 sqf Inflatable Concept Park arena, which features, among lots of exciting activities, a Live Entertainer who provides a continuous 1-hour live animated show for a family audience.

logoWhat other attractions does Funtastic Depot Orlando offer?

In addition to the Inflatable Concept Park, Funtastic Depot Orlando has a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, Climbing Wall, Playground, Toddler Zone, Karaoke Booth, and Arcades.

logoIs there a food area at Funtastic Depot Orlando?

Yes. There is a special food area where all guests can purchase meals and snacks to enjoy while visiting Funtastic Depot.

logoAre there private party rooms available?

Yes, Funtastic Depot Orlando has private party rooms that can be reserved for birthday parties or other special events.

logoAre there different attraction packages available?

Yes, there are a la carte attraction packages available, all of which include a minimum of the Inflatable Concept Park show.

logoIs it necessary to book in advance for the Inflatable Concept Park show?

Yes, as the show has limited capacity, it is highly recommended to book online in advance.

logoWhat ages are suitable for Funtastic Depot Orlando?

Funtastic Depot Orlando offers attractions for all ages, from toddlers to adults.

logoWhat are the hours of operation?

The hours of operation may vary, so it is best to check the website or call for the most up-to-date information.

logoIs Funtastic Depot Orlando accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Funtastic Depot Orlando is accessible for individuals with disabilities. Please contact the staff if you have any specific needs or concerns.

logoCan I host a birthday party or a special occasion event at Funtastic Depot?

Absolutely! Funtastic Depot is the perfect place to host your birthday party or any special occasion event. We offer a variety of packages and options tailored to make your celebration unforgettable.

logoCan I rent Funtastic Depot Orlando for special events?

Yes, you can rent FUntastic Depot Orlando for special events! Our facility is available for private event rentals, providing an exclusive and exciting space for your occasion. Whether it is a corporate event, team building activity, family reunion, or any other special gathering, we can accommodate your needs.

logoDo I have to purchase tickets in advance?

No, purchasing tickets in advance is not required but it is recommended for a smoother experience.

logoDo I have to purchase tickets online or in the park?

You have the flexibility to purchase tickets both online and at the park.

logoDo I have to wear/ purchase socks?

Yes, in order to maintain hygiene and safety standards, it is mandatory to wear Funtastic Depot socks during your visit. Our specially designed socks are available for purchase at our facility.

logoDo you offer membership packages?

Yes, we offer membership packages at Funtastic Depot! Membership provides you with a range of fantastic benefits, enhancing your experience and ensuring endless fun. Check out our membership options and start enjoying the perks today!