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Inflatable Concept Park

An innovative, revolutionary, and distinctly massive inflatable amusement park, complete with exciting obstacles, games, and an impressive list of fun-filled action attractions with fun activities for the whole family.


Inflatable Concept Park Attractions

Ball Pit

Our ball pits scale up the excitement in the inflatable with a palpable dose of practical fun. Whether you’re sliding in from one of our slides, or hopping on from the inflatable runway, there’s always a bit or fun to soak up here before your next adventure.

Bounce Zones

Bounce Zones are tradicional components of the typical ICP and ICP is no exception. Except the full complement of an artfully crafted and flawlessly implemented bounce zone with your ICP.

Carnival Games

Genesis allows you to debut the full catalog of indoor carnival games as part of your Inflatable Concept Park. There’s a lot to choose from with carnival activities that can be integrated into your single or multiplayer gaming systems.

Climbing Slide

Slides remain an industry established peoples’ favorite. From adults to kids, no one considers the experience of an inflatable park complete without a good old feel of that slide thrill.